Welcome to train in Thailand. This article exclude MRT, BTS and airport line. Here's some great tips to use train in Thailand.


There are few lines within Thailand:

  • Bangkok-Sungai Kolok (in the past was connect with Malaysia. Now is no longer connect with Malaysia due to take some items like rice, fresh meat, etc entered to Malaysia illegally without paying to customs)
  • Bangkok-Chiang Mai
  • Bangkok-Nong Khai (connect with Laos)
  • Bangkok-Padang Besar (connect with Malaysia)

Types of class

  • Class 1: mostly private rooms for 2 persons. Some have TVs and private sink.
  • Class 2: non private rooms. Double deck beds during at night. If day time, where got beds. If you take a train in the evening and reach about the next day, you'll see some workers make a bed for you at night. Some don't have aircond.
  • Class 3: Seated. Either have aircond or not. It's not good if your trip is overnight.

Best time to travel

Most of the people choose to go to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Nong Khai or Hat Yai or vise versa by evening or night because they will save money on hotels compared to morning ride till late evening. It is recommended to take local trains by evening or night to save on hotels. If you choose morning ride, you can see nice view of Thailand till you reach there by evening or night.