Thailand is a nice place for photo shooting, including videography at scenery. Not just only that, you can film elevator as well!

Unencrypted WiFi

Most of the WiFi in malls and public area are pay WiFi service. Some is free but you need to enter the browser before can surf the net.

Pay WiFi

Most of the popular telco providers like DTAC, True Move H, 3BB and AIS are pay WiFi (unless you choose a data plan with free WiFi quota). The price is 99bhat-129bhat/month to use the WiFi. Prices are depend on the provider you use. To login, enter the browser and then enter any website to enter the login page. Just enter your phone number and password (like what the provider gave it to you, mostly in SMS). Some non telco provider (like malls, market, etc) need to pay the WiFi service at the counter.

Free WiFi

Free WiFi can be found in KFC, McDonalds and few popular place. They give 2 option (some WiFi):

  • Free surfing
  • Login

Airport WiFi

Most airport WiFi gives you free usage for 2 hours (unless you have subscribe your mobile data plan with WiFi data plan which can use without time limit till use all quota available, if have unless unlimited quota).

Encrypted WiFi

Can be found in most hotels, cafes and restaurant. WiFi password can be found on walls, at counter or during check-in. Speeds can up to 100mbps depend on some hotel, cafe and restaurant owners.