Pahang, where the popular highlands located.

Genting Highlands

Brrrrrr..... is chilling. Hahahahaha. Can as cold as 10 Celsius and as hot as 25 Celsius.

The biggest casino in Malaysia is this Highland. Including biggest theme parks.

Ria Apartment

Senn Elevator's most haunted apartment in Malaysia. Have Hitachi elevator located here. Just walk for about 20 minutes to get in to the theme park and will pass by multiple elevators and escalators. Remember, bring jacket along at night if you wish to go to the theme park at night.

Amber Court

Also the most haunted hotel in Malaysia as paranormal activity happen in this apartment. Located 3km from theme park. Required to take a van or car to get there.

First World Hotel

Is the largest hotel in the world. There are 3 towers all together. But someone reported that Tower 1 elevators don't have 21st floor. So, the 21st floor will skipped (20th floor to 22nd floor) due to something occur (like suicide) in this hotel in the past. Have LG/Sigma elevator.


The biggest place to shop in Genting Highlands. Have many elevators and escalators with different brands such as Hitachi, Hyundai and Fujitec.

SkyCentral and Genting Highlands Premium Outlets

Can be reach by cable car (costs RM7 from SkyAvenue Station), car or bus. All bus will stopped here and required to take cable car or mini bus (van) to get Genting Highlands. It is nice to shop while waiting for bus to arrive.

Chin Swee Temple

Located before Ria Apartment. Free stop if you take cable car. Have Sigma elevators and multiple escalators at Chin Swee Temple cable car station.

Cameron Highlands

Another Highlands! But more in plantation. Temperature average is 12-28 Celcius.


Brinchang is 1 of main town of Cameron Highlands. Some hotels will have an elevator at price range RM200-RM300, depend on some hotels. Some hotels don't have elevator and price range is RM30-RM180+. Remember that all Cameron Highlands hotels don't have aircond and also no fan.

Kea Farm

Most of people come here to shop some goods here during day time. While night time doesn't have anything. There is a good chance to find some elevators in Kea Farm such as KONE Elevators.

Copthorne Hotel

Formerly called Equtorial Hotel. It is the luxury hotel located Northern of Cameron Highlands. It is located 3km from Brinchang and 7km from Tanah Rata. It is quite far to 2 main towns in Cameron Highlands. Have KONE Elevators here!

Tanah Rata

Main bus station located here. It is 4km from Brinchang town.

There are several place have an elevators and 1 place with escalator.

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