Kelantan is the most unfamous state in Malaysia. However, there are big shopping malls like AEON Mall, KB Mall, etc. But unfortunately, all malls will close every Friday, 12:30pm-2:30pm to respect Islamic prayer. Kelantan doesn't have cinema (recently Kelantan have cinema but no longer operation due to Islamic law). Kelantan is more traditional and religious state in Malaysia.

It is famous to Muslim Traveller who likes to buy batik (a clothes full with nice drawing), tudung (a scarf on the head, for Muslim female) and other Muslim products like songkok (Muslim male's hat), baju Melayu (Malay male wear this) and Kain sarung (a Malay male usually wear this to Moquse).

Please note that there is no cinema in Kelantan due to Islamic party (PAS) doesn't allowed to open the cinema due to Islamic law (like do not turn off or dim the lights when watching movie and do not sit together with female or male unless already married or with parents). Also, please wear long sleeve clothing (non Muslim female) or long pants/jeans (both non Muslim female and male) before arrive or head to Kota Bharu because it's prohibited in Kelantan.

Some Western people stay here for 1 night to gateway to Pulau Pehentian (Pehentian Islands).

Senn Elevators lives in this state. Very close to Thailand.

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Kota Bharu

Kota Bharu is major town in Kelantan. Where Star Asia Elevator and Escalator's live. Only 1 elevator filmer films in this town with more than 20 elevators filmed by him.

KB Mall

KB Mall is the main mall in Kota Bharu and very famous for people who loves premium lifestyle, basic entertainment (mini cinema like 7D and 9D aka the moving seat cinema) and computers and gadget store on third floor. This mall is a mall which contains OTIS elevator which is recently moded during the mall upgrade to very huge mall. There are also OTIS, Sigma and Fujitec Escalator too.


It is the largest mall in Kota Bharu. Star Asia Elevator always visit this mall up to 5 times per month. Have AEON Mall's exclusive elevator display which is OTIS Elevator and have OTIS escalator.

Grand Riverview Hotel

It is the second most luxury hotel and riverside hotel in Kelantan. Have Hyundai elevator.

Tesco Mall Kota Bharu

It's a British mall and the smallest mall in Kota Bharu. Have Sigma elevator. This mall has been recently upgrade to a newer look. The elevator remains original after re-opening the new looking Tesco Kota Bharu.

Billion Kota Bharu/Renaissance Hotel Kota Bharu

Renaissance Hotel is Kelantan's most luxury hotel which has LG Elevator while Billion supermarket have LG escalator and elevator.

Tok Bali

Tok Bali have nice beach in Kelantan. Only 1 elevator found and filmed by CKS Channel (now Star Asia Elevator and Escalator).