This page is under construction. Please check back next month (12/5/2017).

Love to make a elevator video to very epic elevator video using NCS music? Here's how:

Step 1: use 2 or more of your own videos and 1 of your favourite NCS songs

Before edit, you can choose your favourite NCS music and your favourite elevator video (NOT taking someone's content unless you have permission to use them in your video).

Step 2: edit!

For Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 2012 (discontinued)

In this app, drag them into the Windows Movie Maker. If your video is in HD or Full HD, you need to wait to render them before can start editing (depends on your computer/laptop)

When everything is ready, click video tools and you will find some settings like 'trimming', 'cut', 'speed', etc. You can follow the audio beat by pressing play/pause button. Stop there at the drum beat and click cut. If the music is keeps faster or slower, you can adjust the speed of the video.

Wish to mute the background audio (in video) or slow down the music audio, go to project and click on video volume. Click and slide to the left if you want make the background audio louder or slide right if you want the music audio louder. Depends of your favourite taste.

For Sony Vegas Pro 13.0

Watch this video if you want to know more.

Step 3: Rendering

When everything is done, render by go to menu, save movie and choose your settings to save the video. It takes about 10x longer or less (eg: your video is about 3 minutes. You need to wait about 30-35 minutes), depend on your processor. I use Intel Core i3 with AMD Radeon Graphics to render the video.

For Sony Vegas Pro 13.0, it takes 10x longer (maybe more or less, depend on processor) than actual video. Tested on Intel i3 @ 1.9GHz quad core with AMD Radeon Graphics R5 M230.

Step 4: Done

It's ready to upload to YouTube!