Welcome to this topic. This topic I'm going to talk about how to gain subscribers more faster than promote it on Facebook and comment someone's video like 'Hey, I already sub your channel! Sub me back!' which makes people very annoying until he/she block your channel.

OK, here's the deal!

  1. Find a YouTube channel like 'Get 5 subscribers for free now' or something related. Just follow the steps what they say and you will gain a few subscribers in few minutes (maybe slower than usual). Just find different YouTuber with different channel to earn more.
  2. Want the really fast way to earn some subscribers? Here's another one! Type in 'sub4sub' on search bar on YouTube and find any LIVE stream sub4sub video. When you enter their channel, follow it's rules like subscribe to that channel first and then begins LIVE chat like 'Hey, subscribe to me now and I'll subscribe back to you' and wait for a LIVE chat comments. If they reply, don't forget to subscribe them back to earn it! It's that easy!


Sub4sub may cause your channel will violate YouTube Community Guidelines and may ended with closing your account. I recommended you try to promote at their live streaming such as 'gain more subscribers' or 'shoutout' or something related.