I'm going to share with everyone my year in review since January 2017 all the way to the end of December 2017.

My device

Here's my few devices that I use every year:

  • OPPO Neo 7: I used as primary camera till September 2017. It's a very good video quality and have 8 megapixel camera.
  • OPPO A77: Due to OPPO Neo 7 having lags all the time, I brought a new phone to replace my videography and photography. It has 13 megapixels and have 16 megapixel for selfie lovers.
  • Yes Altitude: I don't use much as videography and photography. I use as backup camera in case my 2 main device out of battery.
  • True Smart Max 4.0 Plus: The only 3G phone that I owned in 2017. Mostly I use as my mp3 player. I don't use as photography and videography.
  • Fake GoPro 4 or 5: I get scam for its video quality and picture quality. It claims to be 1080p video quality and 16 megapixel picture quality but it's only 480p video quality and 0.3 megapixel picture quality.

New towns/cities

I visit few new places that I never go before, plus, I'm extending my elevator filming in North Thailand and Bangkok.

  • Nakhon Si Thammarat: I filmed 3 places within the city centre.
  • Chiang Rai: I filmed 2 places within the province.
  • Chiang Mai: I filmed a few new places within the province.
  • Bangkok: I filmed few new places within the city centre.


I film over 100 elevators and escalators in 2017. Including retakes and failed due to elevator is not working.

Hotel tours and temple tours

I film over 5 hotel tours in and 1 temple tour in 2017.